Köln: 07.–09.09.2023 #kindundjugend

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ggoomduboo ichayou Kühlpad für kühles Pad | Aussteller auf der Kind + Jugend 2022

ggoomduboo ichayou Kühlpad für kühles Pad

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This is an infant cool pad and pillow cover made of Duraron Textile, a functional super new material developed by Huvis, the largest textile company in Korea. Ichayu Cool Pad, which has become a summer necessity, is so popular that you have to stay at home in summer. This cool pad and pillow line, which always keeps your body in a pleasant and cool state by freezing your body temperature for a long time with a contact cooling yarn that absorbs heat quickly at the moment of hot summer, will be enthusiastic around the world.
33-7, Jinjam-ro, 141gil
34225 Daejeon
Korea, Süd