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One of the most important things for every parent when getting something for your little-one is: “How long will it last and can it hold my kids’ interest?” Several toys address young parents with the promise that their child will be happy and content for several hours, but it is time to bring it even further – it’s time for your kids play for years!

The real magic behind Klingo is that as your children grow, Klingo grows with them. Start with the basic combinations as early as from age of six months and configure to more complex variations as your children get older.

-          Activity center (6 months):
Introduce your little one with Klingo constructor even before he can crawl, using it as an activity center.

-          Before they can walk (1 year):

It’s amazing that kids can climb even before they can walk. You’ll be astonished to see how your baby will successfully crawl to his Klingo triangle, pull himself up and start climbing!

-          First peak (from 2 years):

Be there for their first milestones and see how their face lights up in triumph when they reach their first peak and the slide gets conquered!

-          Imagination is everything (up to 6 years):

Kids' imagination is a very beautiful thing and you can watch as it develops before your eyes! Where you see only a multi ladder constructor with some bolts, your little-one envisions an ultra-fast car from the cartoon he saw yesterday or a scary bridge over a shark-full river!

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