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Healthy Furniture Advice for Children Staying at Home

Due to the coronavirus, which affects the world, people do not go out on the street. Healthy furniture possesses great importance for children and young people who spend most of their time at home in their own rooms.

Moremo Furniture, which has been producing furniture in Bursa for about a quarter of a century, gave advice to families about the young population who spend most of their time at home. Underlining that healthy and hygienic products should be preferred in children's and youth room furniture, Moremo Furniture Co-Founder Yusuf Katana; “In the process we are in, we are all trying to follow the developments on the corona virus and take precautions in our own way. It is necessary to fight against the epidemic throughout the family, city, country and the world. Especially if you are parents, the health of our children, our most valuable asset, is the guarantee of our future.”  


Pointing out that children spend most of their time in their rooms, which are the number one social areas, carefully prepared for them from the moment they are born, Yusuf Katana said; “Furniture produced by unconscious manufacturers without considering health and safety and purchased by parents unconsciously affects the health of your child negatively. When buying furniture for your children, the first thing you should consider is health, quality and safety. The materials used in baby furniture must be produced from raw materials suitable for child health. MDF and lacquer painted furniture should be your priority for the choice of quality and healthy furniture that grows with your children, which you can use for many years. The important thing here is that these furnitures are produced from raw materials that have appropriate certificates for children.


Explaining that E1 certified MDF should be used in children's furniture, Katana stated that parents should definitely ask for the E1 certificate when purchasing furniture for their children. Yusuf Katana stated that it is necessary to question whether the materials used in the products produced are within E1 standards and whether there is a certificate from the relevant institutions; “The glue and chemicals used in slide materials contain a carcinogenic substance called formaldehyde. Using this material unconsciously and above the standard values seriously threatens children's health and may cause cancer. It has a harmful and toxic effect on many tissues and organs in the body. Formaldehyde values have certain limits. The standards require that it not exceed this value. This is what we call E1. If it goes above this value, it is E2.”

Emphasizing that every parent should make all kinds of decisions about raising their babies from the first moment they hold them, Katana underlined that when it comes to health and safety, the right decisions should be made in order to avoid irreparable results later on.

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