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Stonz Wear Inc. | Aussteller auf der Kind + Jugend 2019

Stonz Wear Inc.

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Stonz Wear Inc.
318-1008 Homer Street
Vancouver V6B 2X1
+1 60 456 8636 EXT 4
+1 84 427 2477 EXT 0
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Stonz is a kids’ performance active wear brand from Canada. Our waterproof, seam-sealed, & breathable rain suit and flexible natural rubber boots are shown above. 

Stonz creates specifically for kids aged 0-6 years in all seasons. We know children are different than adults in living their young active lives. Kids need to move freely, play, explore and get wet! They need gear tailored to the kids keeping active, exploring and being outside for as long as possible yet easy to get on and off for parents! 


·  Our footwear is lightweight and created for active, outdoor loving kids

·  Our apparel is protective yet extra comfortable so kids can be outside as
   long as they choose to be and still look stylish all season long

·  Our accessories are innovative and durable, performing how we say they
   will. We stand behind every product we make, allowing you to pass along
   Stonz products from one child to another.

Our brand promise is to be part of your family for a long time!