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Mhiri Fréres "Limited" | Aussteller auf der Kind + Jugend 2019

Mhiri Fréres "Limited"

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Mhiri Fréres "Limited"
Jamel Eddine El Afghani
3002 Sfax
+216 26832004
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fraise kaki
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Unternehmen und Produkte
Underwear and home wear

From the tender and immaculate cotton flower’s heart, fraisekaki draws its extreme delicacy and offer underwear and home wear to the youngest, from birth to 12 years old.

The trends of summer collection 2020 for babies are mostly in soft pastel colors which inspiring tranquility and weaving serenity cocoons in water-green, calm-blue, sweet-pink and delicious-salmon, decorated with happy characters and nice patterns. To more spicy nuances lovers, Jungle theme offers a rich composition in brightly colored animals.

For the children, themes nourishing their overflowing creativities are proposed. One day pirate, the other dinosaur or just a blooming flower or a ripe and juicy fruit dancing on a tree, 2-12 years old sail in an imaginary world where the garment becomes an element of creation and well-being.