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Attract Kft. | Aussteller auf der Kind + Jugend 2019

Attract Kft.

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Attract Kft.
Siklósi út 1/1
7622 Pécs
+36 72 551 642
+36 72 551377
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Unternehmen und Produkte
Nosiboo Snif bioAroma & Salt Inhaler

Nosiboo Snif bioAroma & Salt Inhaler


Nosiboo cares about tiny little noses worldwide. We have been recognized by thousands of parents thanks to our line of revolutionary nasal aspirators. The product portfolio has been extended recently with a compact nasal inhaler, starting a new line in our product family. 


We proudly present Nosiboo Snif – bioAroma & Salt Inhaler. We have filled it with nature! The combination of aromatherapy & salt crystals prevents and reduces respiratory system problems. Nosiboo Snif works in a gentle way. What is more, our inhaler is compact and fits in the pocket. Children’s favorite!


Natural alternative to medications

Nature works! Dry salt has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for respiratory system’s problems. Combined with aromatherapy it creates a safe method of treatment, without any side effects.


100% natural halite crystals

Nosiboo Snif contains raw salt crystals from the Praid Salt Mine – one of the biggest salt mines in Europe. The salt has been tested and it has a proven effect of promoting better breathing.


100% pure essential oils

Our essential oil blend has been thoroughly tested and selected by Panarom, a worldwide known aromatherapy expert. 100% pure ingredients come from biologically controlled farming.


Happy Orange – the child friendly aroma

Happy Orange aroma has been created exclusively for Nosiboo by Panarom. The essential oil blend consists of joyful aromas, bringing refreshment and good mood.


Award-winning, harmonious design

The unique, attractive design has been inspired by harmony in the nature. It lets children enjoy the inhalation process even more. The design has been appreciated - Nosiboo Snif has been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award.


To know more about Nosiboo Snif, please visit our website: www.nosiboo.eu.