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Lee Chyun Ent. Co., Ltd. | Aussteller auf der Kind + Jugend 2019

Lee Chyun Ent. Co., Ltd.

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Lee Chyun Ent. Co., Ltd.
No. 275, Sec. 1, Sun Shi Rd.,
52241 Tenwet, Changhwa Hsien
+886 4 8833998
+886 4 8833979
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Unternehmen und Produkte
Design Patented Flower Mat

The flower mat adopts unique flower shapes connecting with cross mats, which is superior to traditional mat design with the usual interlocking structure. Use soft colors and unique flower shapes in a harmonious fashion, a sense of a natural forest right at home.


1.Easy to Connect

The design maximizes the flexibility of connection possibilities between mats. The flower shapes and cross mats are still connectable, even if flipped or rotated.


2.Baby’s Hand Skill Training

The pop-out follower shape and round pistil help baby’s hand coordination and muscle development. (0-2 years old)


3.Great Durability

Use of top quality EVA with high density. Crack resistant and hard to deform under normal circumstances.


4.Environmentally Friendly

Absence of prohibited PVC and PU materials! EVA does not contain any endocrine disrupting chemicals and won’t produce dioxins from burning.