Köln: 17.–20.09.2020



Baby Dan A/S | Aussteller auf der Kind + Jugend 2019

Baby Dan A/S

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Baby Dan A/S
Niels Bohrs Vej 14
8670 Låsby
+45 86 951155
+45 86 951591
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Unternehmen und Produkte
BabyDan Sustainable Home Safety concept

BabyDan have taken the environmental responsibility to another level. That’s innovation in a box – made in Denmark.

100% biodegradable packaging

The new packaging for small safety products from BabyDan is Cradle to Cradle certified with care for the environment and your health. All harmful chemicals and heavy metals are excluded entirely from the production of paper, cardboard, inks, glue etc. and only wood from sustainable FSC forests is used. It can be recycled or included in nature’s cycle as compost and does not end up as harmful waste.


Biobased product

The new corner guard from BabyDan is CO2 neutral. Made of 100% biobased material to reduce the fossil fuel usage and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Materials are food approved and no harmfull chemicals are used in the making of the corner guard. The product is manufactured by BabyDan at our production facility in Denmark. The full assortment of small home safety products are tested free of toxic substances such as phthalates, BPA and PVC. 

Social and environmental responsibility

At BabyDan we are committed to protect our employees, society and the environment both locally and globally in all our business activities. We work systematically with SDG no.12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” because we can make a difference on the environment in our manufacturing processes and energy consumption. BabyDan work to the Environmental Standard ISO19001 - so important especially these days with more focus on green and sustainable manufacture.