Rountable Russia

A stable growth of the birth rate in Russia for the latest years has determined a high demand for childcare products. According to Rosstat (Russian Statistics Organization) in 2015 the number of newborns has grown up to 50% since 2000. The birth rate reached its peak in 2014: 1,97 mln children were born, which is an absolute record in the Russian recent history.

More than 24 mln children live in the RF now – that is 15% of the total state population. The biggest group here are children under 4 years old, which are about 9 mln. Meanwhile, in the sales structure the products for newborns take 20% of the market. Nevertheless, due to the external politics and current economic situation, price growth and decline of consumer activity, the local retailers will have to change their assortment to offering more for the economy segment.

Unique opportunity to meet some of the leading retailers in Russia with up to 300 outlets e.g.

1. Retail chain «Korablik» (160 Geschäfte) -

2. Retail chain «Olant» (10 Geschaefte) –

3. Retail chain «Detskij mir» (277 Geschäfte) –

4. Retail chain «Kaenguruh» (21 Geschäfte) -

5. Retail chain « MamasPapas» (14 Geschäfte) -

6. Retail chain «Prenatal» (11 Geschäfte) –

7. Retail chain «Da-detjam» (4 Geschäfte) -


15:00 Uhr National award #Рarents’ Choice as a mirror of the market of children's goods in Russia

Speaker: Tatiana Butskaya, editor-in-chief of the magazine about pregnancy and childbirth in Russia "" and the organizer of the award #Рarents’ Choice
15:15 Uhr Trends in Russian e-commerce in children’s goods

Speaker: Polina Chizhova, international business development manager Yandex.Market
15:30 Uhr Baby care market 2015 in Russia: new challenges and opportunities

Speaker: Ekaterina Mogol, GfK Russia Sector Manager Baby Care Market
15:45 Uhr Information from the ENPS